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TSR2 Engine a monumental piece of aviation heritage

‘The’ prototype Bristol Siddeley Olympus 320 jet engine for the BAC TSR2 aircraft program has been found on a farm in Southern England and is now available for sale.  Over 40 years after the TSR2 program was cancelled with all components being ordered destroyed Its a Miracle the engine (serial number 1) survived having been previously sold as scrap.  The owner had the foresight to keep hold of the engine to preserve for future generations.

The engine has just undergone a comprehensive restoration to museum / display standard and now represents a one off, unique opportunity for the top end discerning aviation connoisseur who wants to own something totally unique. This engine is the only example of a TSR2 Olympus 320 that is privately owned and that will probably ever go on sale. It really is something very special, representing the pinnacle of the British Aviation Industry.

We have a list of quality aviation museums who would dearly love to display this engine for the general public. Please contact us if you have the funds to ensure this engine stays where it belongs…in Britain. Please see our Engines page or contact us by using the email form for further details.

Serial Number 1


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