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Transatlantic Air Race Harrier XV741 Heading to Brooklands Museum for Public Display

Transatlantic Air Race Harrier XV741, which famously achieved the fastest time in the London to New York leg of the 1969 Great Air Race piloted by Sqn Leader Tom Lecky-Thompson will be going on public display at Brooklands museum.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first non stop Atlantic crossing in 1919 by Alcock and Brown and the 50th Anniversary of the Transatlantic Air Race, in May XV741 will be going on display alongside the 1919 Vickers Vimy replica at the museum in a special exhibition ”The First and the Fastest”.

Jet Art would like to thank the generosity of the aircraft owner who has funded the transformation of this historic aeroplane back to 1969 Air Race Spec. Harrier XV741 will be placed on loan with Brooklands Museum so the restored aircraft can be enjoyed and viewed by the public.


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