As one of our most popular product lines, we have a constant turnover of engines and associated parts for museum, display and instructional purposes.

Our clients range from individuals to colleges and universities, who use them for training purposes, museums who want to add to and expand their collections, and businesses who use them for corporate display.

Please scroll down the page to see some of our current stock or contact us with any specific requirements.


Rolls Royce Dart 7 Mk534-2 Turboprop Engine

As fitted to Hawker Siddeley HS748 Andover aircraft. A fantastic museum exhibit, entrance foyer display piece or instructional engine for a school or college. Potential for use as a ground running engine with further inspection and testing. As per the video below we turned the engine over on the starter and it spun up very nicely on a dry run.

The engine is very powerful and light weight. Serious potential for use in an unlimited hydroplane or tractor pulling project.

Size (approx including stand): without spinner (for shipping) 212 cm length, 122cm height, 112cm width all approx. With spinner attached total length is ~245cm.

ESHP Equivalent Shaft Horse Power 2,280. 1880 Shaft Horse Power (Minimum)

Propeller Shaft Speed (RPM) 15,000

Reduction Gearing 0.093:1

Condition: The engine turns over by hand and there is oil present in the sump. Overall clean, tidy and ready to display / exhibit. Completeness and condition as per the photos. We have noted a number of small fuel lines missing that go onto the combustion chambers. We have 3 of these engines available. The one listed here is the cleanest and most presentable. The other two are Military Dart Mk102 from former RAF Andover aircraft. Engine is sold as a display item. No warranty given or implied on any part or component. Sold as is, ex works condition. Not tested.

PANAVIA Tornado RB199 Jet Engines

We have a number of Panavia Tornado Rolls Royce RB199 engines for sale. If you are interested in buying one of these engines please contact us with your requirements

Rolls-Royce Spey 250 Nimrod Jet Engine

Ex-serviceable Rolls-Royce Spey 250 engine as removed from Hawker Siddeley Nimrod aircraft. Comes with transport frame and bag. Please contact us for further information.

TSR2 Olympus 22R Mk.320 Jet Engine

Incredibly rare opportunity to acquire a monumental piece of aviation heritage representing the pinnacle of the British aviation industry. The prototype TSR2 aircraft Bristol Siddeley Olympus 22R Mk 320 jet engine, serial number 1. Jet Art Aviation is the only place in the world you can buy an Olympus 320 engine. This prototype engine represents a once in a lifetime acquisition opportunity. Quite possibly the ultimate museum / display engine. Please contact us for further information.

BAC TSR2 RAF Aircraft Bristol Siddeley Olympus 320 Jet Engine

TSR2 aircraft production batch jet engine. Stunning museum exhibit or corporate display piece. An incredibly impressive feat of British engineering at its best.  The engine is in its original transport stand. A holy grail aircraft collectible only available at Jet Art.

Please contact us for further details.

Rolls-Royce Gem Westland Lynx Engine

Rolls-Royce Gem engine as removed from Westland Lynx helicopter. Data plate reads Mk1001, S/N 5025. Comes with bag and protective box.

Please contact us for further details on this engine.

Alvis Leonides Radial Engine