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Jet Art Aviation offers the opportunity to own a piece of life saving technology to display in your home, office or museum. Our seats were all once fitted as standard equipment in fast jet military aircraft, some having travelled at more than twice the speed of sound.

Our main specialty is ex UK MOD, British made, ‘Martin-Baker’ ejection seats. Stock typically ranging from early Mk1 Martin-Baker examples right through to current models such as Tornado Mk10A seats.

Our clients range from large corporate aviation and defence based companies wanting a striking display piece, to celebrities, fighter pilots, and aviation enthusiasts looking for the definitive piece of fast jet memorabilia. Whatever your criteria we offer an individual service and tailor seats for a bespoke package. From fully kitted out as they are in the aircraft, with seat pads, straps and buckles, to bespoke unique repainted or polished seats mounted onto engineered bases to be used as unique chairs.

We are also a specialist supplier of aircraft ejection seats for movie prop departments, many of our seats having pride of place in a range of films. See our movie props page.

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Instructional / Training Ejection Seats

We supply ejection seats and associated equipment for use in a wide variety of training and educational environments. Our seats can be supplied refurbished and equipped to various levels of fidelity and tailored to individual customer specification.

The ejection seats we supply can be used for the following purposes: maintenance training, aircrew training, flight simulation, escape trainers and as safety training equipment for fire and rescue service/first responders.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

High Fidelity Training Seats
EE Canberra type 1CN ejection seat
Mk10a Ejection Seat
MK10LB Ejection Seat
Lightning Mk4 Ejection Seat
Harrier GR9 12H Ejection Seat
Vulcan 3KS Ejection Seat
Buccaneer 6MSB
Sepecat Jaguar Mk9B Ejection Seat
Panavia Tornado 10A Ejection Seat
Harrier T-Bird 9D1 Ejection Seat
Harrier GR9 12H Ejection Seat (3)
F4 Phantom Ejection Seat
Vulcan crew seat (2)
Vickers Valiant Type 3A Ejection Seat
Supermarine Swift Type 2G Ejection Seat.
Meteor seat
GH7 Ejection seat
F-104 Starfighter GQ7A
F-4 Phantom Ex US Navy Mk H7 ejection se
Hunter Mk3 Ejection seat
Jet Provost Ejection Seat
Canberra MK2CA seat
Vulcan Ejection Seat Front
Avro Arrow C5 seat best
Alpha Jet Stencel S111
Mk10A training ejection seats
Polished Sea Vixen seats (3)
Ejection seat Event Hire
Martin Baker Ejection Seat Stock
Ejection seat rebuilt restored (2)
Ejection Seat Stock
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