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Corporate Display

First impressions say it all. From large external display pieces such as fighter jets, to simple yet striking items for the entrance foyer. Jet Art Aviation has supplied many pieces to businesses around the world for that eye-catching initial welcome.

Corporate Display Ideas

FINAL Table cut out.png
Fire access panel cut out.png


We understand the desire to own a piece of aviation history and we make that a reality by offering you the opportunity to own parts from iconic aircraft. We sell items that have travelled faster than the speed of sound, seen combat, kept the peace, or represent the forefront of technology for their day.

As one of the largest suppliers of aircraft collectibles worldwide, we offer you the opportunity to own something special. Our aviation collectibles range from WWII era instruments and cockpit parts to modern day flight gear, engine parts, control columns and more. Whatever your budget, from the top end collector to buying gifts for your aviation enthusiast family member, we cater for all.

Aircraft collectibles are a sound financial investment that only appreciate in value and many of our items have provenance that make them extra attractive for your retirement fund.

Special Projects / Interior Design

Aviation themed living spaces, offices, bars, restaurants, even houses and hotels are now an ever growing trend. If you are embarking on a special interior design project and are looking for a company to work with to satisfy all you aviation design requirements please get in touch. We can work with you or your designer, sourcing specific pieces to fit your aviation art needs, from a complete fighter jet down to individual instruments and gauges.


Recent projects include supplying all the aviation interior design pieces for ''The Hangar'' bar at Dubai International airport in the UAE, supplying a Jaguar jet cockpit for installation into an office space in Montreal Canada, and gate guard aircraft for private homes and corporations in many countries around the world.

crankshaft cut out.png
combustion mirror cut out.png

Private Collections and Display Items

Many of the items Jet Art supplies are in their raw state, ready for up-cycling into a client’s own specifications. With a bit of ‘spit and polish’ and ‘elbow grease’ they are turned from ‘used as removed’ aircraft parts into mirrors, tables, lights and art sculptures; a less expensive way of having your own bespoke art piece in your home or office.

Take a look at the galleries below and our other pages for ideas and inspiration. Contact us with any questions or take a look at our store on eBay.

Mke Ejection seat chairs + wall art
Cold War Era Jet Pilot Helmet
Red Arrows Hawk Wing Tip
Jet Engine Fan Stage
Mouted Mk2 Ejection seats
Leonides Piston Conrod Set
P2 Aircraft Large Propeller blade
Jet Engine Fan Stage
Hartzell Cessna Piper Propeller
Pegasus LP2 Fan
Firefly Propeller Blade
Turbine Casing
Boeing 737 engine cowling mirror (1)
Puma Helicopter Door
Hartzell Spinner
Seaking Helicopter Tail Rotor
High Pressure Compressor Fan Mirror
Helicopter Tail Rotor Blades
Merlin Exhaust Stubs
Crank Shaft
Crank Shaft
Aircraft Art
Engine Shaft
Tail Number
Danger Aircraft Armed Sign
Parachute Pack
Smooth Operator Seat
Tornado Combustion Liner Mirror
Combustion Liner
Airbus Wheel Coffee Table
Puma Helicopter Door
Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Pratt and Whitney J
F-86 Sabre Cannon Fairing wall light
Honeywell Engine Fan
Jet Fin Cap
Compressor Fan
Compressor Fan
Airbus Wheel Coffee Table
Tornado Aircraft Windscreen coffee table
Orpheus Jet engine Turbine coffee table
Sea harrier airbrake (1)
Jet Art Aircraft interior design
Tornado Rb199 HPC fan Mirror
Mirror polished EE Lightning Air Brake w
Rolls Royce Adour engine vane mirror
Tornado Rb199 LP1 vane mirror
Galley carts
Polished Boeing 737 intake mirror
19 Sqn Hawk RAF Markings Wall Art
Boeing 737 engine cowling mirror (5)_edi
Pegasus LP1 Jet Engine Fan
Refurbished Tornado undercarriage
Aircraft Propeller Blade sculpture
Pucara aircraft propeller
Tornado Rb199 Jet Engine fan
RB199 LP1 Jet Engine Vane Mirror
Large Propeller Blade Sculpture
Boeing 737 engine cowling mirror (4)_edi
BAE Hawk Adour jet engine vane wall mirr
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