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Jet Art Sea Harrier goes Greek

Jet Art Aviation has just exported BAe Sea Harrier FA2 ZD608 to Greece. The aircraft started its mammoth 1365 mile road trip across Europe on 3rd June in Halifax West Yorkshire then transited through France then Italy with a Mediterranean Ferry crossing to Main Land Greece, finally arriving in Napflion on June 10th.

ZD608 was first flown in 1985 and saw action in Operation Deliberate force in 1995 flying Combat missions over Bosnia and Herzegovina. At time of export the Sea Harrier was the only aircraft of its type in Mainland Greece and has been purchased by a Private collector with the intention of it eventually going on public display as part of a planned museum. The entire aircraft had to be fitted on one lorry with no overhang to minimise the considerable transportation costs.

This also presented a few challenges as the continental height limit for road transport is lower than that of the UK. This meant the wing had to be stripped to its smallest possible dimensions with the wing tips, flaps, ailerons, out rigger undercarriage legs and retraction jacks as well as the fuel vent pipes all being removed to ensure the wing would fit under European motor way bridges.

The wing sat vertically leaning against the fuselage on rubber pads and the huge Pegasus engine bay acted as a giant storage area holding everything from the Fin, engine nozzles and wing pylons to small external access panel and replacement tyres.



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