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World Record Attempt with Daniel Dehaemers

Jet Art Aviation is proud to announce that we have been working closely with Daniel Dehaemers of Dartagnan Off Shore Racing Team the owner of the ‘Dartagnan SP600’ Hydroplane project. Daniel has become a close friend and has kept us busy sourcing and supplying all aviation parts in support of his World Water Speed Record attempt.

To date we have succeeded in supply everything he has asked for to build a world record breaking, jet engine powered hydroplane! Supplying everything from nuts, bolts and rivets to the Engine, jet pipes, instrumentation, throttle box, joys stick, flight helmet etc etc.

Jet Art Aviation gives Daniel all our support and backs him 100% in his quest to become the fastest man in the world…on water! Hats off gentlemen as this is the most Difficult and Dangerous speed record there is.


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