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Jet Art Aviation

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Based in Yorkshire, England, Jet Art Aviation Ltd specialise in the supply of ex-military and museum aircraft, engines, cockpit sections, ejection seats, training equipment, aircraft spares, movie props and collectibles. 

Former RAF Jaguar GR1 Aircraft XX747 restoration in the Paint Shop

Former RAF Jaguar GR1 Aircraft XX747 restoration in the Paint Shop

Over the last 12 months we have been restoring Jaguar GR1 XX747. The final part of the restoration process was a trip away to the paint shop. A huge amount of effort went into this transformation. We hope you enjoy this short film to walk you through the process. Special thanks to the Serco painters and Finishers who went above and beyond on this project. History and Background: XX747 holds the FAI ratified flight speed record between the capital of Scotland and England. On 9th September 1977, Flt Lt Russ Peart of 226 OCU took off from Leuchars and headed south. A few minutes later he flew past the tower at RAF Turnhouse (now Edinburgh Airport) and accelerated as hard as XX747 would allow. Going Supersonic over Northern England, 26 min 25 seconds later the time trial was completed as the Jag flew past the tower at RAF Benson. One sonic boom later and assisted by a hefty tail wind the 330.6 mile flight was completed at an average speed of 750.89 mph. It is believed that the record still stands today. The Fédération aéronautique internationale who are responsible for verifying record-breaking flights supervised and ratified the flight. The brief for this restoration was to restore XX747 back to her 1977 Record Breaking Spec and finish so it can go on display as a high end Museum / Display piece. Its also worth noting the Desert paint scheme on the aircraft at the start of the video was spurious / fake paint scheme to XX747 in the early 90’s when the aircraft was retired from service and then used to train Ground Crew. If this had been genuine Gulf War paint / patina we would have 100% kept it 👍🏻
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