Jet Art Aviation | We specialise in the supply of static display / museum aircraft, aircraft engines, cockpit section, ejection seats, aircraft spares and Aviation collectables.

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Welcome to Jet Art Aviation Ltd. We specialise in the restoration and supply of static display & museum aircraft, aircraft engines, cockpit sections, ejection seats, aircraft spares and collectibles.

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Rolls-Royce Avon Mk209 On Display at La Biennale di Venezia

It’s been a while since we’ve given an update as to what we’re up to here at Jet Art. Rest assured that this doesn’t mean that we’ve not been busy! 2017 has very much been a year of preparation so … read more

Ground running Harrier GR3 XZ130 for sale

1980. After months of deteriorating relationships between NATO and the Soviet Union and escalating skirmishes on the border between East and West Germany the USSR began amassing tank and mechanised infantry divisions at strategic locations all along the border. Eventually … read more

Tornado F2A ZD902 TIARA Arrives at Jet Art. Now FOR SALE

December saw an exciting new addition to the Jet Art stable. Our mission was to dismantle, load, extract and transport 250 miles by road our latest acquisition; the pristine Tornado F2A ZD902 also known as ‘TIARA’ (Tornado Integrated Avionics Research Aircraft). I … read more

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About Jet Art Aviation

Based in Yorkshire, England Jet Art Aviation Ltd specialise in the supply of static display/museum aircraft, aircraft engines, cockpit section, ejection seats, aircraft spares and aviation collectibles.

We are also a specialist disposal contractor for aircraft/aircraft parts; undertake aircraft/component restoration work, aircraft engineering, aircraft transportation and logistical work to individual customer requirements including disposal and clearance.

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We specialise in anything to do with aviation. From Static Display Aircraft, engines and ejection seats to aircraft spares, aviation display items and collectibles. If you love Aviation you will love our Store!

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