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Sea Harrier ZD613

Mid-March saw another exciting acquisition for Jet Art Aviation; Special Decommissioning scheme, Royal Navy 800 NAS Sea Harrier FA2 ZD613 known as 'Satan 1'.

First flown in 1985 and originally built as a Sea Harrier FRS1 variant aircraft ZD613 served with 800, 801 and 899 NAS throughout a 19 year service career. In 1993 the aircraft was converted to FA2 standard and continued to operate from Royal Navy Carriers until 2004. With the wind down of Sea Harrier from Royal Navy service and the subsequent disbandment of 800 NAS on 31st March 2004, ZD613 was chosen to have a special livery and a unique 800 NAS decommissioning paint scheme applied. With gloss red applied to the upper and lower surfaces of the wings / tailplane and a giant 800 NAS cross sword / trident squadron badge applied to the spine of the aircraft. For her last flights in service ZD613 was given the call sign ‘’Satan 1’’ and was the personal steed of the unit’s CO, Commander Paul Stone.

After retirement from service ZD613 was acquired in 2005 by Jimi Heselden OBE, a Leeds businessman and inventor of the Hesco Bastion barrier system.  For the last 15 years this famous Harrier had stood overlooking the Leeds skyline as a gate guardian and was known locally as the ‘’Hesco Harrier’’.

Recently acquired by Jet Art, the aircraft is very complete and overall condition is good. 15 years outside however has left the aircraft a little weathered and a freshen up is now being planned and costed by the Jet Art Team. The intention is to repaint the aircraft and carry out remedial work. A fresh coat of paint to bring Satan 1 back to her former glory, exactly as when last flown in 2004 is on the cards for 2021.

The aircraft will be for sale once restoration work is completed and any interested parties looking to acquire a unique, one off special scheme SHAR please contact us for further details.

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