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BAe ASTRA Hawk T1 XX341

Hawk T1 XX341. Likely to be the lowest hours/FI Hawk T1 Fuselage in private hands.

XX341 is a one of a kind aircraft known as the Advanced Stability Training and Research Aircraft, ASTRA Hawk for short. XX341 was one of 3 BAe Hawk T1 aircraft ordered for the Empire Test Pilot School in 1981. This example was the 1st Hawk delivered to the school. 3 years later the aircraft was chosen to be radically modified to become the ASTRA Hawk. Since 1981 the aircraft had been operated by the Empire Test Pilots' School, a British training school for test pilots currently operating at MoD Boscombe Down in Wiltshire, England. The aircraft was originally operated by the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) which later became known as QinetiQ in 2001. 


  • Built 1981

  • Construction number: 190/312165

  • Airframe hours: 2871

  • Number of landings: 4631

  • Fuselage FI: 13.891

  • 1st of 3x hawks T1 delivered from manufacturer specifically ordered for ETPS.

  • May 1981: Taken on Strength/Charge with the Ministry of Defence with s/n XX341

  • 1982 Transferred to MoD (PE), Empire Test Pilots School, RAE Boscombe Down.

  • 1986 Converted at Cranfield to a Hawk T.1 ASTRA. Advanced Stability Training Aircraft

  • 1987: Transferred to MoD (PE), Institute of Technology, Cranfield

  • July 1988: Transferred to Empire Test Pilots School, RAE Boscombe Down.

  • July 1988: Markings Applied: Empire Test Pilots School, 1

  • 2001: Taken on Strength/Charge with the QinetiQ with s/n XX341, transferred to ETPS, Boscombe Down, markings Applied: Empire Test Pilots School, ASTRA, 1

  • 2006 colour scheme was changed from red, white and blue (raspberry ripple) livery to the current black livery


XX341 is available as an externally complete static display/museum exhibit. The aircraft has been heavily internally spares recovered by her previous owner and as such would make an ideal candidate for pole mounting as a gate guard or for suspension from a ceiling as weight is at a minimum. Having only just arrived in stock, only recently retired and never kept outside this aircraft is in very clean and tidy external condition. Our vision for this aircraft is to restore her to her red, white and blue (raspberry ripple) livery along with Empire Test Pilot School markings as per the in service photos in our gallery above.

Check out our blog post on the ASTRA Hawk with a more in depth look at the aircraft's history.

Contact us about the ASTRA Hawk.

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