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We offer a wide range of specialist aircraft related services including: undertaking disposal and clearance contractor work, aircraft transportation and shipping, aircraft engineering/spares recovery, museum aircraft and component restoration.

Disposals and Clearance work

We are a specialist disposal contractor for ex-military aircraft and components. Approved by a number of large UK aviation companies we can offer a fast, professional and cost effective removal service for redundant and life expired airframes. If you require redundant aircraft, aircraft parts, spares inventory etc. dismantling and clearing from your site quickly and efficiently in full compliance with health and safety legislation by a fully insured team led by an ex-Royal Air Force aircraft engineer, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Jaguar extraction

What do we do with aircraft and items that we clear

We cosmetically restore aircraft and then advertise them for museum/display use. We market parts for the collector and museum markets, ultimately contributing to the preservation of British aviation history. We are a cost effective and practical alternative to calling in the scrap man, essentially meaning these assets are preserved and protected. If necessary we can also demilitarise or render items unairworthy, usually by discreetly damaging components or structures in a way that still ensures that items are still fully saleable for museum or display use. This often provides added peace of mind to the client.

Transportation/International ShippingSupermarine Swift Wing fit

We can arrange to ship/transport just about anything aircraft related wherever it needs to go within the UK. Need something moving or exporting? Contact us to discuss your requirements. We have a large network of transport and shipping contacts having arranged, organised, undertaken and supervised aircraft movements throughout the UK by road as well as exports abroad by both sea and air.

We can organise all aspects of an international shipment, from completing the export licence application, placement with a suitable shipping company, crating, packing, container loading, road haulage etc. all to a customer’s specification. Examples of work undertaken include aircraft movements throughout the UK by road, international shipments of Harrier aircraft to Australia, Greece and Canada, shipping container loading for the international shipment of aircraft cockpits and aero engines.

Aircraft Engineering

Need something taking apart, moving and putting back together? Give us a call to discuss your requirements. We primarily provide a service for work on non-airworthy museum and display aircraft however with the company being run by an ex Royal Air Force airframe engineer we are used to working to the highest possible standard. Spares recovery is just one example of work undertaken.

Moving Harrier XZ130

Aircraft and Component Restoration

We undertake commission restoration work to customers’ specifications for restoration of aircraft related museum exhibits. This is a quality service for the top end collector, aviation museum or connoisseur who may not have the time or experience to take on a project and complete it to the highest possible standard. Examples of recent commission projects include the restoration of a Harrier jet, a Supermarine Swift, aero engines, cockpits and ejection seats.


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