Corporate Display

Corporate Display

Are you looking for something with a real Wow factor, something rare and unusual, an item that will spark interest and create the right first impression for your company? If so contact us to discuss your requirements. From large external display pieces such as fighter jets , ideal for parking out front as the ultimate business promotional tool to simple yet striking items for the entrance foyer or reception. We can provide the right piece of Aviation Art to fit your budget and specification.


Nothing quite puts your business on the map like having a fighter jet parked outside. Often the ultimate way of getting your business noticed and one of the best forms of advertising there is. Please see our aircraft page for current fast jet aircraft availability or contact us to discuss further.


For the large entrance foyer nothing stops people in their tracks like a cockpit section from a jet fighter parked against the wall. A seriously cool wow factor. Please see out Cockpits page for current stock or contact us if you would like to commission something specific.

Other Corporate Display Items

  • Aircraft engines
  • Bespoke coffee tables and aviation sculptures built to the client’s specification,
  • Wall art such as mirrors made from aircraft engine components
  • Framed aircraft parts
  • Ejection seats – Please see our ejection seat page

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We specialise in anything to do with aviation. From Static Display Aircraft, engines and ejection seats to aircraft spares, aviation display items and collectibles. If you love Aviation you will love our Store!

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