lightning-cockpit-xm191We supply ex military aircraft cockpit sections for museum, display, flight simulation and Film prop use.  Cockpit sections are Ideal for the Aviation enthusiast who has neither the space nor budget to own a complete aircraft. The front fuselage or cockpit section is often the most interesting and striking part of a Military aircraft and make stunning display piece in their own right.

Stock changes regularly and  varies from pristine complete cockpit sections ideal for use as corporate display pieces or travelling exhibits to stripped and gutted shells idea for the customer looking for a grass roots aviation restoration project.

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Current Stock: 

English Electric Lightning F1A XM191: SOLD

A new arrival! A rare opportunity to get your hands on a Very special Lightning Cockpit section. XM191 is an early specification Lightning F1A that first flew in 1961. One of only a handful of surviving early Mark Lightning cockpit sections this example has to be the best one out there.  XM191 was written off after an engine fire in 1964. The pilot managed to land the aircraft but she was deemed as being damaged beyond economic repair.  The cockpit section was salvaged and used by the Royal Air Force Exhibition flight as a traveling exhibit being taken to Airshows and event for PR and recruitment work. Featuring a later specification F6 paint job with stunning sharks mouth nose art this really is a very good looking specimen. Cockpit interior is very complete with a very tidy Mk4 ejection seat installed. The Early Spec Lightnings had a more traditional style Instrument panel and side consoles all finished in black, a big difference from the later Mark F3’s and F6’s that had a grey cockpit fit with different instrumentation layout. Trailer mounted with viewing gantry and steps. Canopy opens and closes hydraulically with the aid of a hand pump in the avionics bay.

Lightning F1A XM191 Cockpit Gallery:

Panavia Tornado F2 ADV Cockpit Section: SOLD


Ex Royal Air Force Cockpit section from an Air Defense Variant Panavia built Tornado F2 Multi Roll Combat Aircraft. A Rare Opportunity to get your hands on a Modern Fast Jet cockpit. Ideal as a restoration project for a museum, collector or Simulator Builder this cockpit section is being sold as pictured in the gallery below. The cockpit has the 229 OCU markings down each side. Offers now being taken. Please contact us for further information.


Blackburn Buccaneer S2B XZ431 Ex Royal Air Force Aircraft cockpit section:  SOLD


Incredibly Rare opportunity to acquire a Superb Museum / Display Aircraft cockpit section from an Iconic, Classic British Aircraft.  The Buccaneer was a Cold War era formidable two seat attack aircraft primarily conceived and designed in the late 1950’s for Naval carrier-borne strike missions below radar at very low level. This particular aircraft last flew in 1994 having served with 208 Sqn, 12 Sqn and 237 OCU. During her RAF career XZ431  flew in exercise Reg Flag in Nevada USA in1977 and in Exercise Maple Flag in Canada in 1979. The cockpit section is trailer mounted with viewing Gantry ideal for use as a travelling exhibit or corporate Display piece.  Very complete and a great piece of Aviation History.

Buccaneer XZ431 Cockpit Gallery:

English Electric Lightning F3 XR751 Front Fuselage Cockpit section. Coming soon and Available for sale.

Currently under restoration to stunning specification the cockpit section of this Classic British MACH 2.27 Interceptor will be available for sale shortly. We have pulled out all the stops on this one aiming to create the ultimate Lightning cockpit display piece! When we set up Jet Art in 2006 a passion from Classic British aircraft such as the Lightning was our driving force and inspiration. The Lighting is our Company logo and an aircraft we love. As such we decided that this project was going to be something special. Our Brief: To crate the ultimate display piece as a tribute to The English Electric Lightning.

This project has been on going for almost 3 years. We acquired the fuselage of XR751 beyond economic repair as a complete aircraft but ideal for saving as a forward fuselage. The cockpit section has been unbolted (not cut) from the transport attachment joint and the forward fuselage mounted on a wheeled trolley. The forward wing tanks have been fitted to either side of the fuselage and the whole section Mirror polished to an incredible shine. The level of detail we are going to is taking this project to the next level. All fasteners (over 800) have been replaced with stainless steel ones, the canopy replaced, ejection seat replaced with what I consider to be the best MK4 Lightning Ejection seat in existence, the entire cockpit interior removed for restoration and is currently being refitted, nose cone and radar bullet removed and the intake and undercarriage bay painted, belly pack removed and restored etc etc. There are still months of work remaining but the final finishing touches will be 29 Sqaudron ‘Tripple X’ makings and RAF Roundels being applied to both sides.

XR751 was built and first flown in 1965 as the last F3 off the production line. The aircraft served with 226 OCU, 29 Sqn, 5 Sqn and the Lightning Training Flight. XR751 has been featured by Corgi as a limited edition dicast model. The gallery below is a sneak preview of our work in progress. The end result will be awesome! If you are interested in acquiring this one off display piece please Contact us for further details.

Lightning XR751 Sneak Preview Gallery:




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