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 JUST IN: HAWKER Harrier GR3 XZ132 Jump Jet

Hawker harrier XZ132 Jump Jet For Sale

A very special opportunity to acquire a stunning aircraft with great history. A jump jet that has served with all the Royal Air Force Harrier Squadrons (1 Sqn, 3 Sqn, 4 Sqn, 233 OCU), seen service in RAF Germany during the Cold War, Belize (1417 FLT) and the Falklands (1453 FLT). In our opinion this is the cleanest 1st generation RAF Harrier you will get.  Condition is so good in fact that this aircraft has previously been described as being in “Time Capsule Condition” preserved exactly as retired from service in 1990.  A mass of documentation and logs are available including over 50kg of paperwork with the majority of job cards dating back to 1976 when the aircraft was first flown. This aircraft has been preserved incredibly well having never been kept outside. There is no corrosion, the paint and markings are fresh and bright, mechanical components appear to be in tip top condition. The aircraft looks like it landed yesterday!  

XZ132 spent 22 years after retirement in a heated building at RAF College Cranwell where she was used for instructional purposes. Nothing horrendous a mere training aid for baby engineering officers (who in general aren’t allowed to play with spanners) to be taught about aerodynamics, flying controls and documentation. Jet Art acquired the aircraft originally in November 2013, and now have her back July 2018. The aircraft comes with a correct Rolls Royce Pegasus Mk103 engine not currently fitted to the aircraft but in a wheeled transit stand. For display purposes a photo decal engine blank is fitted in the intake as well as a full set of engine nozzles. The aircraft is externally complete. Cockpit interior is very good and equipped with the original Mk9A ejection seat installed (inert). Full Technical specification available on request.

The main deficiency in the cockpit is 2x fuel gauges. Internally all powered flying control units are installed, air reaction nozzles / puffer ducts are fitted, undercarriage legs and bays appear to be complete with the brake units fitted on the main wheels. Internal components we have noted to be absent are: water tank, air motor for the nozzles, some fuel pipes from the engine bay, avionics boxes from the rear avionics bay. The majority of the aircraft wiring looms are intact and in good order, the only exception being some of the cockpit instrumentation that would require re-wiring as a handful of gauges are not currently electrically connected. Structurally this aircraft is about as good as it gets. The aircraft is decommissioned Ex UK MOD surplus equipment and not sold as airworthy.

First flown 12/04/76 and delivered to the RAF 14th May 1976. XZ132 was one of the aircraft prepared for Operation Corporate to retake the Falklands Islands. This included special modifications such as fitting a unique transponder fairing beneath the laser nose and adding tie-down points for operating from an aircraft carrier. 

Last flown:  8/10/90. Total Hrs: 3193

Harrier GR3 XZ132 Gallery

Harrier GR3 XZ132 Engine Gallery

Harrier GR3 XZ132 Detail Gallery

Harrier GR3 XZ132 Paperwork Gallery

PANAVIA Tornado F2A ZD902 TIARA – For Sale

Panavia Tornado FA2 ZD902

Built in 1984, this is the only F2A variant Tornado aircraft in existence. This unique aircraft is a ‘T-bird’ twin stick variant of the Tornado with full flying controls in both cockpits. The aircraft is decommissioned with weapons systems and radar removed, but otherwise complete. This represents a one-off acquisition opportunity!

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Tornado F2A ZD902 was originally attached to 229 OCU at RAF Coningsby in a training role. In 1988 it was converted at St Athan to F2A specification. This upgrade was designed to bring early F2 airframes up to F3 standard whilst retaining the Turbo-Union RB199 103 engines. Bizarrely, ZD902 ended up being the only aircraft to receive the modifications, with most of the remaining F2s eventually becoming spares sources. ZD902 was famously used as a camera chase aircraft in 1985 flying alongside Concorde at MACH 2.

Tornado F2A ZD902 cockpitTornado F2A ZD902 cockpitTornado F2A ZD902 cockpit








Later in her service career seeing use as a trials aircraft for the Defence Research Agency, ZD902 was named TIARA (Tornado Integrated Avionics Research Aircraft). Taskings included Blue Vixen radar trials for the Sea Harrier FA2, and head-up-display work for the Eurofighter Typhoon. TIARA was one of the last test aircraft to be flown out of Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough in 1994, concluding 90 years of military test flying at the historic airfield.

The aircraft flew for the last time on November 30th 2011, over six months after the last operational RAF Tornado F3 squadrons had been stood down making this the longest serving Air Defence Variant (ADV) aircraft. She is indeed ‘’LAST OF THE FEW” as the decal on the nose undercarriage door suggests.

With the vast majority of Tornados reduced to spares parts and scrapped, ZD902 is the last complete example of the Tornado ADV, with engines fitted and hydraulic and electrical systems installed. TIARA has led a very charmed and pampered life and despite a long service career has only clocked up an incredibly low 935 flying hours.

The aircraft is currently stored in a dismantled state in a heated hangar at a former RAF base in Yorkshire, England. Preserved with regular preventative maintenance being carried out, ZD902 is ready for delivery to her next lucky owner.

PANAVIA Tornado F2A ZD902 TIARA in the heated hangar

Tornado F2A ZD902 Prior to Dismantling 07/12/15

Tornado F2A ZD902 in Heated Hangar

Tornado F2A ZD902 Cockpit Gallery

Tornado F2A ZD902 Details Gallery


ZA353 Tornado GR1

An early GR1 ground attack / reconnaissance variant of the variable geometry, swing wing European Multi Roll Combat aircraft (MRCA). ZA353 is now around 95% externally complete and includes: Fuselage sat on her undercarriage, canopy, windscreen, wings, full set of slats, fin, rudder, tailerons, nibs. Main deficiencies are 1x wing flexi fairings and some smaller panels and fairings from the fuselage. 

Tornado GR1 Restoration Project gallery:

PANAVIA Tornado GR1 ZA355 – SOLD

Tornado GR1 ZA355 Jet For Sale

Ex Royal Air Force PANAVIA Tornado GR1 ZA355.  This aircraft was one of the last GR1s in operational service and was finished as she last flew in all over grey looking very similar to a current spec GR4. First flown on 28/11/1980, this aircraft served the first part of her operational life on TTTE (Tri Tornado Training Establishment) with tail code B55 before being allocated to 15 Squadron at RAF Lossiemouth. Last flown 31/05/2001, this aircraft was retired to a ground instructional role where she served as the RAF Lossiemouth weapons load trainer as a ground instructional airframe for: 14 Sqn, 15 Sqn, 12 Sqn and 617 Sqn. We have retained the original TAA tail code and XV squadron markings on the fin.

The canopy opened and closed hydraulically. The cockpit interior was very complete with only a few deficiencies. 2X Martin Baker MK10A ejection seats were installed as well as Head Up Display, Stick, throttle etc.

Tornado GR1 ZA355 Gallery

Tornado GR1 ZA355 Cockpit Gallery

HAWKER Harrier GR3 Jump Jet XZ130 – SOLD

Harrier GR3 XZ130

One very complete Harrier GR3 Jump Jet with engine installed and cockpit in superb order. This aircraft has the MOD F700 log book. An Ex RAF Germany aircraft with 4 Sqn special markings applied to the tail fin. Pictured above after an 18 month long restoration.  XZ130 had a fairly interesting service life: First flown in 1976, she was delivered to 20 Sqn. Later serving with 4 Sqn, 1 Sqn, 3 Sqn, 233 OCU, 1453 Flight in the Falklands in 1982 finally finishing her days as an instructional aircraft at RAF Cosford. The nose is marked up with the pilot’s name ”Capt L Y Ching” an Ex USAF exchange pilot. The aircraft was last flown on: 31/8/90. Total aircraft hrs are: 3336.

Harrier GR3 XZ130 Gallery

 Harrier GR3 XZ130 Cockpit Gallery

PANAVIA Tornado F3 ZE256 – SOLD

An incredibly rare aircraft available only at Jet Art! This is the only privately owned F3 in the world. Being offered as the ultimate Static display/museum aircraft, gate guard or business promotional tool. A unique acquisition opportunity for either the discerning private collector or a large national aviation museum. The aircraft underwent a 16 month rebuild and restoration is ready to display as shown in the Gallery below.

This aircraft served with numerous RAF Fighter squadrons including 29 Sqn, 5 Sqn, 56(R) Sqn and finally 111 Sqn. It is now offered as an externally complete static display aircraft with the cockpit very complete. This aircraft is a ‘Twin Stick’ example with full flying controls fitted in both the front and rear cockpit. Last flown March 2003, total Airframe hours on Fuselage: 3267 Hrs. The aircraft has been finished as ZE343 ‘Delta Zulu’ of XI(F) Squadron with black and yellow diamond fin cap and squadron markings on the fin. We felt it was important that an F3 was preserved in 11 Sqn Markings due to a personal connection with the Squadron. Original aircraft serial number of this airframe is ZE256 and that has been retained on the port side of the fin. Aircraft is a decommissioned, not airworthy and sold for static display/museum use only.

Tornado F3 Gallery


Tornado GR1 ZA359 Ex Royal Air Force Panavia Tornado GR1. A Serious acquisition opportunity for a major museum or private collector. This aircraft is incredibly complete and in super order. Likely to be the best Tornado GR1 you will ever get!  The photos in the gallery’s below paint a thousand words, basically this jet is about as complete as you will ever find, the only exception being weapon systems which have been removed.  The aircraft last flew in 1996 and has since been kept in a heated hangar with systems such as electrical, hydraulics, fuel etc being kept live and functional. The aircraft has been used for instructional purposes for systems training on Tornado. This involved regular application of Hydraulics with all control surfaces functioned, undercarriage cycled, wings swept back and forth every three months up until October 2012. Up until this date the APU was also regularly run, gearboxes engaged and generators, hyd pumps functioned. We applied a battery prior to dismantling the aircraft and both cockpits powered up. Engines are fitted and inhibited. R/H engine shows 2469 hrs, L/H engine shows 1904 Hrs. Total time on the airframe: 3079 hrs. Aircraft has its log book and F700. Now SOLD

Tornado GR1 Gallery

PANAVIA Tornado GR1 ZA399 – SOLD

ZA399 Tornado GR1

Unique opportunity to purchase a rare Dambusters 617 Sqn early spec Tornado GR1 Aircraft. Externally complete with cockpits in superb order this really is a special acquisition opportunity for a serious collector or aviation museum. The aircraft carries and tail code AJ-C in tribute to Avro Lancaster ED910 that was lost on the famous WW2 Dams raid. Only one crew member survived, Sgt Tees the rear gunner. The pilot’s name (Pilot Officer Warner Ottley DFC) is painted under the port side of the canopy and has been retained during the restoration along with the AJ-C tail code as a memorial and mark of respect. Lancaster AJ-C was hit by heavy anti-aircraft fire on 17th May 1943 on route to attack the Lister dam. Warner Ottley’s final words over the intercom were” I’m sorry, boys, they got us”. ZA399 was used in Desert Storm in 1991 and carried ‘Granny’ nose art throughout the conflict. A serious piece of aviation history. NOW SOLD

Tornado GR1 ZA399 Gallery

Scottish Aviation Bulldog XX705 – SOLD

Scotish Aviation Bulldog for sale (1)

Scottish Aviation Bulldog Gallery

BAC Jet Provost T5 – ALL NOW SOLD

Jet Art Aviation LTD has a choice of NINE Jet Provost T mk5A aircraft for sale. The aircraft are ex Royal Air Force two seat Jet trainers made by Hunting Percival / BAC Company. The aircraft are Very complete  with Full logs and paperwork. The Aircraft are available individually, as multiples, or as a package. Idea potential return to flight aircraft having been used for instructional ground taxi use for the training of ground crew. Last flown in the early nineties but have been regularly ground run, professionally maintained, dry stored / serviced for ground taxi use up until last year. Ideal basis for a private display team. Put up your own Diamond Nine!? OR ideal museum aircraft / JP spares source. Please contact us for further details. A PDF report containing more details and full airframe hours, engine hours etc is available on request. ALL NOW SOLD

Westland Wessex HC2 HelicopterSOLD

Another Great item brought to you by Jet Art Aviation, One Large and impressive Chopper. 65ft long! British version of the Sikorsky S-58 helicopter. Ideal for museum / display use or for use as a: Garden feature, Gate Guard or Business promotional tool. First flown: 30th Oct 1963. Build number: wa131. Last Flown on: 27th March 2002. Served with 18 Sqn then 72 Sqn RAF Coded ‘V’. Total Airframe hours: 17343 hrs 35 mins.  Cockpit is very complete. Seats in the rear with 4x medivac stretcher fit installed.  This particular aircraft was used extensively on operations in Northern Ireland. We have some great photos of her in service! Finished in 3 tone camouflage with original service markings.  This is a very tidy and original example of a Wessex.

Wessex Helicopter Gallery

Lockheed F-104 G Starfighter – 22+57 – Sold

Starfighter Ex Luftwaffe F-104 Starfighter in stock now. Rare and iconic ‘Zip 104’ static display / museum aircraft available for sale. Complete cockpit.

T-Bird Harrier Jump Jet XW269 – Sold

Unique opportunity to own a first generation, two seat Harrier aircraft. This aircraft has just undergone a 12 month restoration to externally complete static display standard. Fully repainted and completed to T2 specification as it entered service with 4 Squadron RAF in the 1970’s. This aircrafts served a long and interesting flying career having flown with: 4 sqn, 1 sqn, 3 Sqn, and the Strike Attack Operational Evaluation Unit (SAOUE) being used for weapons trials and testing under tactical conditions. The Aircraft was finally used for ‘Night Bird’ AV8 / GR5 Harrier trials with forward looking Infra Red being trialled on this very aircraft. Contact us for further details.

Sea Harrier FA2 ZD608 SOLD: Exported to Greece

Sea Harrier FA2 aircraft. ZD608 was first flown in 1985 and saw action in Operation Deliberate force in 1995 flying Combat missions over Bosnia and Herzegovina. The aircraft was featured at the time with 6x 1000lb bomb mission markings on the port side of the forward fuselage. The aircraft also had the privilege in 1996 of carrying out the first ‘in service’ AMRAAM trials which were conducted in Puerto Rico. Aircraft dismantled ready for immediate delivery. Sold as a externally complete static display / museum aircraft. SOLD.

Sea Harrier FA2 ZD580 SOLD

ZD580 lost her nose in a mid air collision with a Dutch F-16 while engaged in a practice dog fight over the English Chanel. The aircraft has been repaired and restored to external complete static display standard. SOLD.

Sea Harrier FA2 ZD615 SOLD: Exported to Canada

ZD615 served with all 3 Naval Air Squadrons: 800.801,899 NAS. This aircraft is externally complete to display / museum standard and comes with a complete cockpit including a mk10 Ejection seat, external fuel tanks, a full complement of pylons and Aden Cannon gun pods. The aircraft is finished in OEU markings. Achieved 2408 hrs having Last flown in 2001. SOLD.

Sea Harrier FA2 ZE691 SOLD

ZE691 was damaged beyond economic repair in a taxi / hovering accident which resulted in the nose undercarriage leg being ripped off. The aircraft has been repaired to Static Display standard and now makes a superb museum airframe. SOLD.

BAe Sea Harrier FA2 XZ459 SOLD

stock Falklands Veteran SHAR. Externally complete static display aircraft. This aircraft flew 53 Combat missions in the 1982 Falklands war including taking part in the historic Port Stanley Airfield mission (flown by Lt-Cdr Gordy Batt) on the 1st May 1982 when BBC reporter Brian Hanrahan “Counted them all out and counted them back again” Rare Opportunity. SOLD.

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