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We understand the desire to own a piece of aviation history. We make that desire a reality by offering you the opportunity to own parts from iconic aircraft. We sell items that have travelled faster than the speed of sound, seen combat, kept the peace, or that represent the forefront of technology for their day.

As one of the largest suppliers of aircraft collectibles worldwide we offer you the opportunity to own something special. Our aviation collectibles range from WW2 era instruments and cockpit parts to modern day flight gear, engine parts, control columns etc. Whatever your budget, from the top end collector to first time buyer with limited resources, we aim to cater for all of the market.

Aircraft collectibles are a sound financial investment that generally only appreciate and go up in value. To quote a customer: ‘money is safer in aircraft parts than in banks!’. Another regular customer buys aircraft parts for investment purposes to keep and display until he retires with the intention of cashing them in 30 years time as a kind of pension fund. A wise man once said: ‘You can always turn money into aircraft parts and aircraft parts into money’. There is no time like the present to start collecting so please visit our eBay store to get an idea of what we have available or contact us with your requirements. If you are looking for something in particular let us know.

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A selection of aircraft collectible items we have supplied over the last few years:



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We specialise in anything to do with aviation. From Static Display Aircraft, engines and ejection seats to aircraft spares, aviation display items and collectibles. If you love Aviation you will love our Store!

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