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Lockheed F-104 G Starfigher

Rare and iconic ex-Luftwaffe F-104 Starighter.

Harrier XW 269

T-Bird Harrier XW269 Finished as she first entered service with 4 Sqn in RAF Germany. The only Two seat Harrier finished as a T2 with early 3 tone camouflage anywhere in the world:

XW269 did not always look this good. A Gallery of the aircraft in service, as she was delivered and of the work as it progressed:

Harrier XZ 459

Where it all began, Our Very First Harrier. This aircraft is what sparked our Passion for the Harrier. Ex Falklands Veteran aircraft pictured as delivered and after restoration:

Harrier ZD 580

ZD580 lost her nose in a mid air collision with a Dutch F-16. Pictured here before during and after restoration and delivery to her new owner.

Harrier ZD 608

Sea Harrier ZD608. Partially restored and the cockpit kitted out before a mammoth road trip to Greece.

Harrier ZD 615

ZD615 pictured before and after restoration. This aircraft was exported to Canada.

Harrier ZE 691

Sea Harrier ZE691 lost her nose undercarriage leg in a taxi accident. This aircraft was restored to static display standard and is pictured before  and after restoration and as she sits today as a Gate Guard for Classic Autos in Cheshire.

Aircraft Engine Gallery

A Selection of Aircraft engines supplied by Jet Art Aviation LTD:

Cockpits Gallery

A Selection of Aircraft cockpits previously supplied by Jet Art Aviation LTD

Ejection Seats Gallery

Jet Art Aviation LTD ejection seat gallery:

Corporate Display Gallery

A Selection of Jet Art Aviation LTD’s Corporate display items:

 Disposal and Logistics Gallery

A selection of photos showing Jet Art Aviation LTD aircraft movements and shipments.

Jet Art Aviation LTD Photo Album

Jet Art Press Clippings Gallery

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