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Tornado F3 finished, now available to buy

In a quiet corner of  North Yorkshire there lurks a 61 feet long brute of an interceptor, designed to bring down nuclear armed Soviet Backfires, Bears and Blinders  and she could be yours for a fraction of the original multi-million pound price-tag.  After a 16 month rebuild and restoration by Jet Art Aviation Panavia Tornado F3 ADV serial ZE256 is now up for sale and is in fact the only privately owned interceptor version (or ‘Air Defence Variant’) of the Tornado in the world.  If you want an impressive exhibit  then this is it.  Dominating a museum display,  reaching for the sky as an awe-inspiring pintle mounted ‘gate guardian’ or simply ensuring your business gets a whole new level of attention the F3 will turn heads wherever she resides.  In addition, having sold several aircraft of differing types to happy customers around the world we are also able to offer a professional delivery and reassembly package for the successful buyer.  In view of the fact that this is the only F3 available to buy we expect this aircraft to sell very quickly and interested parties are asked to contact us ASAP for further information but read on for a potted history of the F3 and spend a bit of time browsing the galleries we’ve uploaded for your viewing pleasure!

The Aircraft

This particular F3 is an ex UK Royal Air Force example that served with 29 Sqn, 5 Sqn, 56(R) Sqn and finally 111 Sqn.  Notable in its service history is a stint as the peronal mount of the Boss of 56 Squadron and visits to Malaysia and Alaska on exercise, as well as providing the backdrop to the decommisioning ceremony of 29 Squadron. However we’ve finished her off as ZE343 ‘DZ’ of XI (F) Squadron, albeit with one side still marked up with her original serial.  It is now offered as an externally complete static display aircraft with the cockpit also fitted out with 2 Martin Baker Mk 10A ejection seats . Additionally, this aircraft is a ‘Twin Stick’ example with full flying controls fitted in both the front and rear cockpit.

My time on a Tornado F3 squadron

Preserving an F3 has become a personal mission

Aircraft is  decommissioned, not airworthy and sold for static display / museum use only. Aircraft is EX UK MOD Surplus equipment. No Engines or APU fitted however gearboxes are still installed and the cockpit is very complete.  Our detailed picture galleries below should clearly illustrate the condition and completeness of the aircraft. Full technical specification is available on request . Export licence will be required for international shipping. Please contact us for further details.


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